Play & Earn
Play & Earn (Play and Earn)
The concept of play & earn, basically, refers a system that gives the opportunity of making money to players as long as they play the game.
Earning in-game assets is not a novelty for gamers. However, the play & earn gaming system offers them to convert their digital revenues from games to the real world. While the revolution of cryptocurrencies makes global money transfers faster and more feasible, the integration of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to games becomes the beginning of a new era in the gaming industry.
As you know, NFTs have their own values, and they are considered as virtual artworks. However, besides their intrinsic preciousness, they may help to open the gates of futuristic games of metaverse for their owners. Each player have chance to participate in the development of the games and their metaverse by holding their NFTs in this new era.
The play & earn mechanism makes this virtual universe experience better for every player. Users be able to exchange their in-game assets such as coins, tokens and treasures to real money. Moreover, blockchain technology helps to create more practical asset transfers for both users and investors.
The Role of Play & Earn System in Pandania
The Pandania Project offers an endless jumping game that players aim to collect as many coins as they can. The game will be available for every player whether they have NFTs. However, the NFT holders may get more coins than other players as detailed in the section of the game reward system.
All players will be listed according to the collected coins by them on the ranking board. Then, the weekly reward (which is equal to 150 Avax) will be distributed among all players on the list based on their coins, and ranks will be reset every week. Moreover, the daily playing rights will be limited to protect every gamer from bots and promote equality.
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