Incubator System

A different system has been developed from the standard incubation systems, a collection within a collection that has never been seen before. Users will be able to evaluate the NFTs they hold with the incubation system. There is another NFT Panda collection consisting of completely different accessories, consisting of 3333 Pandas. Users will be able to exchange the NFTs they bought with Pandania with the other collection with the incubation system, so they will have the chance to increase the rarity values of the NFTs they have, but how does this system work? Although it may seem like a very comprehensive question, the answer is actually very simple. Instead of the Panda you put in the hatching machine, we give you a baby panda. The longer it stays in NFT's incubator, the better your chances of landing a rare panda. Whenever you want, you can give away your baby Panda and get a Panda from the other collection, it's a very simple and enjoyable system, A first in the Avax Network!
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