Q.1. Why is the daily playing time limited in the game?
A.1. For the protection of the game from bots and bringing the justified comptetion on the ranking board.
Q.2. Do NFT owners have any privilige in the game?
A.2. Sure, they will get more coins accordingly the number of NFTs holding by them.
Q.3. How many NFTs will be available in total?
A.3. The project has 3333 pieces of unique Pandania pandas.
Q.4. Will the minting price change in the following days?
A.4. No, the price will be remain as 1.5 Avax.
Q.5. Does it mandatory to buy NFTs to play game?
A.5. No, everyone can access and play the game.
Q.6. Which blockchain network is used to release the project?
A.6. Our NFTs will be released on AVAX network.
Q.7. What is included in the Avaland Project?
A.7. Avaland includes 4 different NFT game designs. Further, Avaverse will cover all of them and their partnerships under the same roof.
Q.8. Why I should become a Pandanian?
A.8. Because the Pandania Project offers to its players a great gifting pool, a profitable play2earn game, a beginning for metaverse world, and a chance to become a member of the first step of Avaverse. Moreover, the Pandanians will be privileged in the upcoming projects.
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